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Hello everyone…I just got back from Seattle and let me tell you, I’m missing it already! Me and my sister had so much fun walking around town, shopping and eating. There are so many delicious food options to choose from…safe to say we had yummy food where ever we went.

Seeing my photos it probably seems like all I did was go to coffee shops, believe it or not I did a little more than that but yes, mainly that lol. No doubt, this town is a capitol for coffee, there’s literally a coffee shop on every street corner so you really can’t miss it and that was the best part. Overall, we really enjoyed the rainy/gloomy weather for a few days since we don’t get a lot of that in Arizona.

Okay Let's talk about the furs! I wanted to wear something fun that would pop out with the gum wall and a hot pink fur was perfect for the look! In winter, I love wearing coats because even when your just casual in jeans and sneakers you can throw on a coat and look more dressed up. The Leopard coat was also a perfect piece to wear over jeans and it just added the extra touch to give a complete look. I tried to do some ootd's but it was just too cold so I was bundled up in a puffer jacket most of the time.




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