Tropical Vibes

I LOVEEE planning parties, especially when it comes to fun themes; I am incapable of resisting them. I love to do DIY projects when planning parties to stay in a budget and it also adds a personal touch. One of my best friend is getting married in July, in Maui (So excited for that) and this gave us the perfect chance to take advantage of the fun tropical theme; palm trees, pineapples, flamingos, yea the whole nine yards, We went for it! Really wanted to give the party an island vibe and make it super colorful and fun, safe to say we achieved just that!

I, my best friend Lilly, and my sister brought our ideas to life and the end results were so satisfying. Everything was as we imaged and perfect.  This was definitely by far our best planned party we’ve had!!

We worked on a few DIY projects... you will see more details below.

It can’t be a celebration without having a personalized drink bar, right?!

How cute is this bar....

The actual wooden stand we got it made by someone I found on offer up app. He was just selling a lemonade stand and I messaged him about what I wanted and he was nice enough to actually make one for us the way we wanted it. Then we just decorated ourselves with flowers that we got from Michaels and hobby lobby and a leaf garland thats wrapped around we picked up from target for super cheap. 


One of the big projects we did was this AMAZING backdrop. Below you will see some behind the scenes photos of us painting.

And these flower arrangements were so easy to make yet, looked so cute and perfect.  So we cut out small pineapples (let them sit for a while to dry out the juice before using) and we stuffed them with these flowers we picked out from Michaels and they looked so real. Some pineapple we didn’t cut and just set them as is on the table for décor and we tied balloons around them. 

Here with my best friend Lilly. After crazy hours of prepping and stressful day of setting up, glad our day was well spent with lots of laughters and beautiful memories <3

Got the cutest cupcake toppers from Etsy. Seriously these pictures don't do justice of how cute these toppers really were in person. Etsy is definitely the go to place for little things like this. I know Etsy deliveries can take a long time, but these came in fast. 

 This was the most inexpensive way to do it, however a lot of work. lol. My super talented sister drew the leaves all over and then me and my friend helped a bit filling in the color. We used a fabric material for the backdrop rather than an actual canvas, so it was really cheap, but my sister said never again!! As she almost broke her back working on this for hours and hours. Anyway, The finish results were so so satisfying, it looked absolutely amazing. We couldn't have made this possible without my sister, I was amazed how she was able to freely draw on such big size leaves all over this 9x13ft fabric. We used acrylic paint from michaels.

Got these awesome place cards from Easy made by Jennandjules designs. I only ordered the Aloha laser cut, but they sent me a free palm tree one, how cute is that! I loved how they packaged everything so cute and also included a thank you card, so sweet! :) Also, came in within one week. I will list the link below. 

Alright folks, that is the end of this tropical bridal shower saga! Hope you all enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed preparing it for you all to see some serious bridal shower inspo created by me :)

Cheers! xx



Things to buy:

Backdrop: White fabric

Aloha place card: Jennandjules designs

Cupcake toppers: Flamingo & pineapple

Drinking straws: Flamingos

Sippy cups: Pineapple cups

Drink stir sticks: Gold pineapple 

Photo Booth props: Tropical props

Cocktail napkins: Blue & pink

Oversized pillow: Banana leaf pillow

Palm leaves: 13inch & 8inch

Cutlery: Gold