Statement Sleeves

Statement Sleeves

Statement sleeves...Taking your tops to another level!

The coolest new way to up your style game, grab yourself a top with bold ruffled sleeves. 

Exaggerated sleeves have become the IT trend this summer. I believe every girl's wardrobe consists of at least one, if not, countless tops with this fun style.

I personally love this trend, Tops with dramatic sleeves adds more character to the look and can take your casual outfit to be more dressy.

I'm hoping this trend doesn't go out too fast because I've been obsessively buying so many tops and haven't got the chance to wear them all yet...the struggle is real!

P.S. How cute is this old building we found for photos?? I'm so into all these pastel colors right now. My outfit and all the building colors pulled together so me cotton candy vibes...

Hope you all like the look :) See below for more details


Can we take a minute and talk about this O-ring bag?! I've been in search for one for a while now and haven't seen one that I really liked. Recently my sister was in NYC and she came across this bag in a random small boutique. It's literally the perfect small crossbody size in this style. Sorry I don't have a name for the shop or link, but I've linked a similar one below.

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Top: Ruffle sleeves

Jeans: Joni

Heels: Similar

Bag: Similar

Choker: Beaded